Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tag Ideas From The Kraft Journal

Hello, my crafty friends!  I'm posting today to share some great Tag Ideas with you all as part of The Kraft Journal's Watch Us Wednesday segment.  There's a complete tutorial on the Kraft Journal Blog that gives you several great ideas for working with tags, as well as links for several of the AWESOME tags you can find at the Kraft Outlet.  Tags are a great addition to tuck inside all the lovely cards you create.  When someone opens a card, and finds a matching tag inside of it, that's like icing on the cake!  They can use the tag as a bookmark, or you can put a small magnet on the back side of it, and the recipient can place it on their fridge so that they will think of you each and every time they see it.  There is no limit to all the great things you can do with tags.  In addition to the tutorial shown today over at The Kraft Journal, here are three more great ideas for making and using tags.
This first picture shows you a bunch of scraps.  We all have LOTS of scraps in our craft rooms.  Every time we make a card, there are sweet little bits of paper left over.  DON'T throw them away.  Make a tag (or two) with them.  Using a Grungy Prim Shipping Tag, I simply cut a few small strips of this patterned paper, pieced them together, and threw on a matching stitcker.  Then, I machine stitched them together, and added a Vintage Winter White Hand-Stained Bias Tape bow.  Easy Peasy!
OK, so next....I have the VERY popular Chalkboard Technique to share with you all.  This fun new trend can be seen almost everywhere these days.  There are both acrylic stamps and digital images available for you out there to create the popular chalkboard technique. And, by using some of the  Kraft Outlet's ADORABLE Blackboard Tags, this technique quickly becomes SO easy and fun.
This project is a lot of fun, and can obviously be used for creating cards as well as tags.  I just grabbed the Blackboard Tags, some white chalk ink, my acrylic stamp, and I got to work.  BAM!  There you go - a cute chalkboard tag.  The Kraft Outlet makes it simple!
And, finally.....for my last project, I used several different styles of the washi tape, and a Grungy Prim Shipping Tag, that's it!  Check it out:
It doesn't get much simpler than that, friends.  I ran the washi tape up and down the Shipping Tag.
I retied the original string that comes with the Grungy Prim Shipping Tag, as well as a General Store Postage Stamp Sticker (5 cents).  How simple is that?  When I saw that anyone can do this, I mean really.....ANYONE!  Of course, you can get a lot more detailed if you choose.  I just really wanted to show you all how simple it CAN be when you need it to be.  Making matching cards and tags is just SO sweet.

I hope these projects have been fun and useful for you all.  Once again, I'd like to remind you to check out the complete tutorial over at The Kraft Journal today.  And....don't forget about our Tag Challenge this week where you can enter all  your sweet tags for the chance to win a $15 gift certificate to our amazing store - The Kraft Outlet.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a VERY blessed week!


  1. Gorgeous tag
    thanks for showing us
    how to make it
    hugs and blessings

  2. Love this tag! I have the same chalkboard stamp set from My Craft Spot...I Love it!

  3. Thanks for sharing this post. I made a tag today, and I was really happy to find out about the Kraft Journal challenge so I could share what I had made today. I like your tag ideas. Thanks for inspiring me again.

  4. Great ideas on how to use tags thanks Karen.

  5. oh! wouah! ils sont tous superbes, bz