Thursday, April 17, 2014

Downsizing My Craft Room

In an effort to downsize my craft room, I am going to be selling some items.  I will keep this post going until I've posted and sold all the things I'm getting rid of.  The first are my coveted Ribbon Boxes.  They were originally sold at Target for about $5 each.  Each box has dividers inside, and six holes for ribbons to come out for display.  They stack very nicely against the wall.  I'm not selling them filled with ribbon (they're empty) and they can be unsnapped and folded flat to mail.  I will only charge ACTUAL shipping.  The price depends on how many you'd like to purchase.  I'm thinking about $2-$3 each, or we can make a deal if you want them all.  I have 28 of them available.  First come, first served!  Here are some photos:
As I stated above, I'm selling them EMPTY, but this photo (below) shows you what they look like when they're filled with ribbon, and how nicely they stack up.  I absolutely LOVE these ribbon boxes, but I just gave away three HUGE bags of ribbon to a friend from church, and now I need to get rid of the boxes that they were being stored in so that I can rearrange my craft room.
Let me know if you have any questions at all, or anything you're looking for specifically.  I'm PURGING!

Have a blessed week!


  1. Karen you must be the most organized person I know. That is an awesome wall of ribbon. It's fun re-organizing the craft room. Blessings

  2. Karen, I'll take 5 at $2 or 4 @$3

  3. What a stash....Love your organization!