Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Keep Trying

One of lessons I've taught my children is "to just keep trying" when you fail at something you really want to accomplish.  I'm finding myself having to heed my own advice and learn the same lesson.  I really want something, and I will keep trying until I succeed, or until God shuts the door on the opportunity.  Even if nobody comes to my blog to see or comment, I won't give up on my dreams and goals.  So, I just keep trying.

I got the idea for this card from another card that was published in the March issue of CARDS magazine by the talented Geri Freeman. I'm entering it in the following challenges: - Make it Monday Challenge
I'm not at all happy with the way my frames turned out (based on the tutorial and challenge), but I didn't have an appropriate frame stamp.  So, this is as good as it's gonna get for today.  I am SO in love with Papertrey Ink. - Anything Goes - Kissing Stamps Challenge

I encourage anyone reading this blog post to "just keep trying" when there's something you really want.  I believe it will worth it in the long run.



  1. Love the card and I'm the same as you, I just keep trying lol and one day I might, God willing, succeed!
    Margaret xx

  2. Very pretty card!
    We just watched Disney's Meet The Robinsons & their motto was "Keep Moving Forward", which is the same as keep on trying. A great motto!

  3. This card is very pretty, so I looked at 4 of your previous posts and see a lot of creativity from you.
    And your advice to never give up and keep trying is right on.

  4. Your card is so pretty.
    What is your definition of a successful blog?
    That you have 100's of followers? or that you get 50 comments a post?
    Or that you do it because you love to write and share your ideas.
    Everyone has their own definition of success. I think you have it :)

  5. This is one pretty card - love the circles making the frame :-)

  6. Not too shabby of a card, Karen. I love the way your flower matches the background paper. Very pretty!!!! Hugs to you, Dawn

  7. Great card and great advice! I have to tell myself the same thing quite often :)

  8. Your persistence is paying off! Great job on the challenge at PTI. I will look forward to seeing what you post for the next MIM!

  9. Great message Karen, and a beautiful card!

  10. I'm rather late making the rounds - my life exploded - :~D Love all this detail! Thank you so much for playing and sharing at the Lily Pad!. Hugs & Blessings....