Wednesday, March 13, 2019

My Sweet Girls

Hello, dear friends!  I don't have a card to share with you all today.  I totally planned on making a card for the new challenge that started today at Word Art Wednesday, but when I went to work on my cart, I quickly learned that our printer was out of black ink, and I wasn't able to get one created.  I went out and bought the new ribbon this morning, but I need my son to put it in for me (I'm so lost when it comes to those things).  So, to make my long story short, I don't have a card.  But there's lots of great inspiration over on the Word Art Wednesday blog and YOU can play along for your chance to win a 15 pound prize to Heffy Doodle.  How cute is there stuff?  LOVE💗
What I would like to share with you today is LOTS of exciting news!  First, I'm sharing two photos of my sweet granddaughter, Taylee.  She was just introduced to Gerber 1st Foods.  Above, you can see her getting her first taste of bananas.  Most babies LOVE the bananas and fruits.  But Taylee's favorite?   It's a bit more unexpected.
Green Beans!!  She LOVES them.  In fact, as you can see in the photo above, she grabbed the spoon right out of Mama's hand and held if for herself.  She was smacking her chops, and couldn't get enough of those good....GREEN BEANS?  Hey, I'm glad she has a healthy palette.  Personally, I'd prefer the bananas, but...we're all entitled to our own opinions.  Well, as a new Mom my sweet Andrea is doing an amazing job.  But as you can imagine, diapers, formula, food, medications, etc. all start weighing on the young couple.  We've ALL been there!  So...Andrea is having a BIG SALE in her sweet Etsy Shop hoping to make some sales to keep her going.  Here's the link to AJM Designs by Andrea.  No coupon is needed...EVERYTHING is 25% OFF!  There's lots of great hand-made jewelry including bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more.  It might be a great time to pick up a Birthday, Christmas gift, etc. or even something for yourself.  Andrea (and I, of course) would certainly appreciate it.

Also, if you're playing along at Word Art Wednesday, you may have seen the comment I left telling how how to win some vintage laces, trims, embellishments and goodies from me.  Just visit our sponsor, Heffy Doodle, and then leave me a comment telling me the name of your favorite Heffy Doodle product.  You'll automatically be entered to win this FUN prize package.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

(And Andrea and Taylee)


  1. Sometimes those are the best days...when you have a spontaneous day.

  2. Oh she is so sweet! Thank you so much for sharing and I love Andrea's Etsy shop!

  3. What a wee sweetie - Taylee reminds me of my grand daughter of a similar age (5 months) who is loving apple rather than banana!

  4. She's so cute. I love that she likes her vegetables. Next up is collard greens. Okay, in a few years maybe.

    Like you, I need help with the printer. It's so annoying when you can't do it yourself. Take a video when you see the cartridge get changed out.

    I like the Oceans Of Love from Heffy Doodle. [Bunny]

  5. Hi Karen !! Your grandaughter is so adorable. Grandchildren are gifts from heaven. :) Enjoy every single moment with her like I do with my little princess. God bless her more!!
    I like Bubble Waves Stencil from Heffy Doodle :)

  6. ADORABLE, Karen!!! What a treat to come to your blog and see that little treasure. You are blessed!!

    I was so enchanted with your cute kitty card over at WAW that I had to check out that set on HD. I adore the Mewniverse stamps and surprise there, right? :) So many fun sets over there. Thank you for the chance to win some scrumptious blog candy. You are so sweet and generous.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  7. HI Karen - Oh my oh my - love me a baby to hug, kiss, and love on - my youngest is 8 and is getting out of that stage of hugging and kissing all of the time - but I still get a kiss now and then and a hug - but I know the time is coming too quickly--- any whooo visited Hefty Doodle store and saw the fab die cuts - I like the Stitched bubble background - as I love metal dies - there are some nice choices here as well - Nice of you to have a give away prize on your blog - and thanks for WAW challenges - they are always a favorite to enter--- have a blessed day!

  8. Thank you Karen for the lovely Hefty Doodle win from the WAW blog posting and from my commenting here - I am feeling loved and blessed - sending you an email - have a blessed week!

  9. I meant to write Heffy Doodle - type I had! Sorry about that! Thanks for the win!


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